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how to donate

Only consoles and video games

Please, send only consoles, video game or the controls, cables or any other device that has to do with the consoles, except accessories such as guitar hero, rock band, dj hero, driving wheels or anything similar because we have a very hard time trying to find them a new owner. We have the same problem with games and accessories for the PC or with PS2 consoles or games, nowadays children like to play with PS3 and above, we can’t seem to place anything older!    

Please make sure it’s in working condition

Before you send it, please make sure it works and that all cables are included, children get really sad if they can’t play once they receive it.   

If it’s clean we’re even happier!

If you clean it a little before sending it, you will be doing us a huuuuuge favor. 

The sticker

Don’t forget to include the sticker with your info. Many times, the kids and their parents want to contact the donors to thank them for their gift.         


A little protection

In order for your console to make it to our office "all in one piece" we need you to put it in a box. We’re sure there is a shoebox lying around at home. Isn’t that a great idea?  

Vintage consoles 

Juegaterapia gives kids all sorts of consoles except for the very, very old ones.  If you want to donate an older console (such as SuperNintendo 64 or Sega Megadrive), we’ll be very happy to receive it. We’ll take it to our charity second-hand market and with the proceeds we’ll buy new consoles for the kids.

No to piracy 

We have to bear in mind that we need to be responsible with our donations. Unfortunately, we cannot accept anything that has been hacked or modified. We can only accept original products that comply with current regulations. 

where to send your console

You can send your console or video game, free of charge, through any Envialia local office. The goods will be delivered directly to our warehouse, where we´ll check and prepare them before we, in turn, deliver them to a kid.

If you provide your email at the Envialia office, we’ll send you a message confirming receipt. Don’t forget to ask for your proof of delivery!

If you experience any problem when sending your package, please let the people at the Envialia office know the following information so they may help you in identifying the office handling your area:



Client number: 79
Agency for charges: 2803      

Search here   for your nearest office.

Thank you very much!