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learning in schools

One of our favorite things is whenever we organize events in schools, because they really represent the future. Kids that will become adults in the near future learn from their teachers the value of showing solidarity. If you are part of a kindergarten, a school, a PTA and you want to get involved in any of our projects, we have many fun activities for the little ones, and the not so little ones as well, so that they may also become involved and experience a charitable project first hand. We are also open to suggestions.  We’re certain that together we can think of the most appropriate event for your school:



  Food events: Hot chocolate, Paellas, Cakes, Skewer stands

  Open days.

 Musical concerts.

Sports events: races, football matches, basketball games.

 Theatre plays. 

This is just a sample; there are many more possible events! You can get in touch with our colleague Carmen Vázquez, she will advise you wisely. We’d like to have you by our side for many years to come, and that’s why on the 4-year anniversary of us working together, we’ll name you a “Juegatherapist School!”