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become a supporting brand

We know that you are more aware every day of how essential your support is to our project, and of the direct impact it has in improving our society.

Any help you are able to offer provides you with the following advantages:

You can deduct 35% of the amount donated from the total tax liability on your Corporate Income Tax.

  • Brand awareness by association with a beautiful cause.
  • Creating a feeling of closeness with your target audience.
  • But, above all, it will be rewarded with Happiness!!

Becoming a Supporting Brand of the Juegaterapia Foundation is a long-term alliance in the fight against children’s cancer. It’s a strategic bond, a seal of social commitment that will endure the passage of time. Being a Supporting Brand of our organization enables possible alliances through three different medals of collaboration, starting at € 100 € per month (€1,200 per year).

The Juegaterapia Foundation offers Supporting companies, if they wish, the possibility of obtaining special recognition and of communicating this solidarity in different ways. The Foundation delivers a digital seal that enables communicating your generosity on the company's website.


If you fall in love with our project, you can help us a lot, you can help us a great deal or you can be a super helper.

Please contact Anna, our Marketing Manager and we’ll surely find the best way of creating something together annarubau@juegaterapia.org  or if you’d like to help with a lower amount or make a one-time donation, please click HERE.