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our proyects

Child Jesus Hospital

Our goal is to let the “Retiro Park invade Hospital Niño Jesús”. A beautiful project that will enable children to run and play among trees and birds, even if they’ve been in hospital for many months.

The Garden at “Hospital Gregorio Marañón”

We are already collecting funds to design and build our fourth Garden at Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid. We are going to fill the hospital with fresh air and rays of sun! Will you help us?

first class players

what they say about us

jorge huget
The enormous enthusiasm, affection and the titanic effort made by the whole Juegaterapia team manages to really improve, through video games, the way in which   children and their families face the very difficult period that any chemotherapy treatment creates. It is a worldwide pioneering initiative and, at PlayStation, we feel tremendous pride and we will continue to support them with all our heart.
jaume olmos piñar
Juegaterapia has been a turning point, a before and an after. It is helping us to show that there is another way of learning.  That when families, associations, administrations, students and teachers get together, we can achieve wonderful things.
mónica de la fuente
For Madresfera, it is a gift to be able to collaborate with Juegaterapia. It means being able to send a great big hug from a distance to all those children reached through their wonderful work. And to help them fill their days with games and dreams, which is what all the children in the world deserve.
raúl romero gallardo
It is a real luxury being able to collaborate with Juegaterapia and, in exchange, receiving so much affection and good vibes from all those little ones who deserve so much.  Congratulations!!
jordi forn
Love, lots of love at first sight. A lot of work and responsibility. Smiles and joy from these little heroes who teach us so much about life. Smiles that fill us with optimism.
Thank you because the work you do is commendable! The days are grey, but you turn them into “Rainbow days” with your visits and your projects, you manage to bring moments of light to these children who play with video consoles and imagine themselves being heroes…in fact, they already are heroes…
javi nieves
Watching a child laugh and have fun is a pleasure for everyone, but for children it is also a right and a need that is more important than anything else. Thank you, Juegaterapia, for constantly trying to achieve this.
Every stroke we swam, we felt the hugs from those children you nurture so much. Always in our hearts: Mediterranean Challenge

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