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la paz

On June 26, 2013, we inaugurated our first garden on the rooftop of Hospital Materno Infantil de La Paz, in Madrid. The project was designed altruistically by A- cero, Joaquín Torres’s architectural studio.

Months and months of hard work were transformed into a short colorful path that goes around gigantic red mushrooms. Being confined to the hospital hallways is a thing of the past, the kids will be able to go for walks under the sun!

12 de octubre

On May 7, 2015, we inaugurated our second hospital garden at Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid. The project was designed and conducted altruistically by architectural studio Moneo+Brock.

A large glass dome divides the garden in two and makes it easy for the children to be protected from the sun or the wind, without having to give up playing and running outdoors.

under constuction

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