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our work

Juegaterapia was born in the spring of 2010. Mónica Esteban, the founder, gave a Play Station to a boy who was going through a chemotherapy treatment in hospital and, immediately, she was able to observe how the little boy cheered up and faced his illness with a smile. Since then, we’ve been able to witness on a daily basis how playing games provide tremendous benefits for hospitalized children. Being away from home, away from their family and in an unknown environment, the hospital experience intimidates them. This is when video games, the tablet and the possibility of playing in a garden without leaving the hospital become a fundamental tool to connect with the world and make them forget where they are, at least while the game lasts.

 we donate fun

Every day we receive consoles, tablets and videogames from companies and individuals, and we donate them to the pediatric wards of various hospitals. Each device is tagged with the donor’s data so that the child who receives it may send a message with a huge “Thanks!”

We have help from wonderful partners who make our lives much easier, such as ENVIALIA, who makes it possible for us to receive in our warehouse, free of charge, consoles and games sent from anywhere in Spain.


 we build gardens

At Juegaterapia we know that hospital rooftops, those grey and unused areas, may become beautiful playgrounds. That’s why we’ve built a Garden on the rooftop of Hospital La Paz, another one in Hospital 12 de Octubre, we’ve started building a third one in Hospital La Fe in Valencia and we’re raising funds to build another one in Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid. And after that one, we’ll go up to another rooftop. And then another. Until all hospitalized children are able to play during their hospital stay, whether it’s in front of a screen or in the sun.


 annual reports

Every year we publish our annual report, in which we explain all our projects, achievements and the thousands of smiles that our little ones have blessed us with.


Every year, Deloitte helps us by auditing the Foundation’s accounts, that you so much for all your help and your hard work.

 our articles of associations

The Foundation’s Articles of Association

Foundation Juegaterapia

C.I.F.: G-86557097

Calle Lagasca, 70, 28001, Madrid 0


Registry of Foundations from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality: number 28-1699.